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En 2021, Allizé-Plasturgie devient en savoir plus

Allizé-Plasturgie : a professional organisation at the service of plastics and composites

Working with plastics manufacturers on a daily basis, Allizé-Plasturgie and its 5 regional organisations deploy their expertise and their networks to support the strategic and operational decision-making of affiliated companies. Overseen by a board made up of heads of industry from the plastics and composites sector, Allizé-Plasturgie is continuously adapting to the new challenges faced by the sector.

Régions allizé-plasturgie

Allizé-Plasturgie is a cross-regional confederation consisting of 5 regional unions present in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Burgundy-Franche-Comté, Grand-Est, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur & Corsica and Occitanie which collaborate across the whole of eastern France to respond effectively to the needs of manufacturers. This network enables us to develop tools that are suited to the whole of the region.

Services tailored to manufacturers

Legal and ESH support

Safeguard your daily operations

Economic intelligence

Remain a step ahead of developments in your markets

Materiautech: materials, processes & innovation

Technical expertise closely tailored to your needs and challenges

Regional presence

Regional organisations on your doorstep

Our vocation 


Providing support

Allizé-Plasturgie provides support to professionals in the plastics manufacturing field by providing sector-specific services tailored to address current and future challenges. By making pooled resources available, we help all our affiliates to grow and to find rapid solutions to operational challenges.

Bringing companies together

As a leading professional organisation within the plastics and composites sector, Allizé-Plasturgie has built up an extensive network of affiliates and partners which it can call on in a spirit of joint construction.


Promoting the sector

Allizé-Plasturgie is actively involved on a daily basis in responding to the main challenges of the sector. It deploys the promotional tools at its disposal to raise awareness of the needs of manufacturers as they seek to meet the challenges of today’s world.

Playing a representational role

Allizé-Plasturgie works in conjunction with the French Fédération de la Plasturgie et des Composites to raise awareness among central and local authorities of the challenges faced by manufacturers.


Our training bodies

To meet strong demand in terms of resources and skills, 2 training bodies have been set up: CFP – Conseil Formation Plasturgie and Cirfap - Centre Inter Régional de Formation Alternée de la Plasturgie. CFP develops teaching programmes aimed at broadening the skills and enhancing the performance of the plastics sector and of every company with an interest in plastic materials and the processes for manufacturing them. The training and consultancy programme consists of group trainings at our premises (out-of-house training), tailored trainings held at your premises (in-house training), and professional qualification certificates. Cirfap offers various introductory training sessions aimed at young people: BEP, BAC Pro, BTS, and then higher-level training programmes as part of sandwich courses.